So beautifully put, what sweet dreams he must have falling …

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so beautifully put, what sweet dreams he must have falling asleep so lovingly :o)
When my son E was a few months old and I wasn’t getting much sleep because of his frequent wake ups someone I consider to be a good friend surprised me by suggesting I ” let him cry a bit, they all do it and they soon learn to sleep through”. As E’s such a cheery little soul who rarely fusses I defended not leaving him to cry because I knew it was his only way of telling me something wasn’t right and having attended to his needs immediately by day I certainly wasn’t going to ignore him at night. I felt somewhat vindicated when an osteopath confirmed he had a spasmy stomach from his forceps delivery which made feeding painful and windy and when he cut his first teeth at 4 months. At 14 months old now I wait every night for him to fall asleep and while he does still wake a couple of times during the night he settles quickly. Making adjustments to my own bedtime routine so I get enough rest to manage the wake ups is far more preferable to forcing a change he’s not ready for and creating stress for a little boy who’s every breath sings out ”I love life and my sole purpose is to make you smile”!

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Shine Your Light. Stamp Your Feet. Rock On.
I love this post. People are so quick to talk about the terrible two’s but from what I’ve seen it’s more to do with the attitude of the adults and expecting too much therefore having less patience. The twos have been terrific and while 3 has a little more stamping and shouting we’re rockin on and having a wonderful. And oh my the conversations we have are just priceless :o)

I Am Waiting to Cut His Hair
this is a lovely post and I like how you weave reflections and feelings about both your children into it. I felt the same about E’s hair and he’s only just had his first haircut at 3! My hairdresser gently heard my ”I don’t really want it to be cut but it’s getting tangly” and literally snipped the tiniest of ends off. He still looks the same and he thought it was a wonderful adventure :o)

Guest Post ~ Nice and Slow: Patience With Your Recovering, Post-Baby Body
thank you for the introduction to Leah and her great videos. I’ve been aware that pilates would help me regain my pelvic floor strength after being tested to the max by a 10lb+ baby but haven’t managed to make the time to attend a class and certainly can’t muster any enthusiasm and energy come the evening. It’s great to be reminded of simple exercises I can do at home and starting small is better than not getting started at all!