Thanks for this post. I found it just now as …

Comment on It’s OK to Nurse to Sleep by Elise.

Thanks for this post. I found it just now as I went looking for answers on this topic. My nearly-2-year-old wants to nurse to sleep, and for the most part this works for us. It only doesn’t on those (rare) nights when I can’t remove the nipple without him waking. And he does well with sleeping through the night (8-5, which is awesome in our family), so I’m not concerned on that score. But on the nights that ARE hard I get paranoid about it.

Can you recommend ways to start transitioning towards other soothing methods? Like you mentioned, his dad or other caregivers can put him down just fine without the sucking, but when I’m on bedtime, only the boob will do… But I’d like to be able to shush him or soothe him in some boobless way, too… I’m sure there are other factors on those nights when I can’t extract myself, and maybe it’s a matter of finding my own calm with it, since it doesn’t happen so often, but it really can be a drawn out process on those nights!