I’ve been reading your blog as my baby naps on …

Comment on Sleeping Through the Night ~ Redefined by Meg.

I’ve been reading your blog as my baby naps on me in the sling. From your most recent posts all the way back to this one. And finally I had to comment. What a wonderful idea to redefine “sleeping through the night”!!! My 6.5 month old had been “sleeping through the night”, usually for about 12 hours, since he was a wee newborn. I have only had a handful of nights where I felt I didn’t get enough sleep because of this (right now we’re actually in the midst of the worst of them, as he figures out crawling and is having a hard time falling and staying asleep, even with nursing and co-sleeping). I choose to co-sleep, having tried almost every other possibility as well. It makes me so happy that he stirs and I can latch him on and we both drift back to sleep. That I can stay with my in laws and have them say “we never heard him once overnight!” Even though I knew we woke up multiple times. I love being able to answer “yes he sleeps great” when people ask me how we’re doing in the sleep department. And now when people ask me more specifically “does he sleep through the night?” I will smile and answer in the affirmative, thanks to this new definition. Provided things go back to normal once he masters crawling of course 😉 I am loving your writing!! xx Meg

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this brought tears to my eyes. although i wouldn’t say it’s my favourite part of the day (when he’s awake and making me laugh is so wonderful too), i always pause a moment at naptime once he’s fallen asleep at the breast and before i put him down on the bed to drink in his beautiful innocence and amazing life force. i fall more in love with him every day, and can understand completely how you feel in these moments.