I remember those first few days with a combination of …

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I remember those first few days with a combination of clarity and post-delivery haze. The exhaustion of enduring almost thirty hours of labour, the oedema from the iv fluids, a poor, angry, shocked baby with a ring of skin missing from her head courtesy of the ventouse cup used to pull her out in a hurry. So many obstacles seemed to arise ready to trip us up and prematurely end our nursing journey yet so many wonderful people ready to help and support us and here we are at almost ten months, still going strong with not a drop of formula given!

I heart breastfeeding and so does my wee girl šŸ™‚

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To the Mom of a Nursing Toddler
Thank you!

And on a slightly unrelated note, do you have any links to resources about dry-nursing during pregnancy? I did try Google but the results were slightly scary…

Nursing at 12 Months (and beyond)
Such a timely post for my wee girl and I as we’ve just hit twelve months of nursing! Neither of us is anywhere near ready to wean and nursing a toddler is fun šŸ™‚