Dear Wendy, Thank you for this beautiful post! I would like …

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Dear Wendy,

Thank you for this beautiful post!

I would like to ask your opinion on something breastfeeding related. My daughter is 14 months old now, I have breastfed her on demand since birth.

At six month old, as recommended by the pediatritian we started to introduce other food. She was eating fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, etc. Fruits were always her favourites bur ate from the rest too. At about 12 months from one day to the other (literally, one day she ate quite a lot of pure and from the next she did not want to try any more) she started to refuse food (except breastmilk of course and fruits). We thought she just doesn’t want more pure (the fruits she was already eating chewing them not in pure) but it was noy that. Since then she does not want to try any vegetables or meat or fish or eggs. She takes fruits, she likes cheese (we eat goat and sheep only no cow) and yogur from goat milk. She would also take a small sandwich with some cooked jam and tries happily anything that I bake. As I still breastfeed her o demand I think she eats enough but everyone around me says I should force her to eat the “usual’ things. The pediatritian thinks breastfeeding at this age is not important any more so I can get no help from there. Personally I think she develops well and I do not think she lost any weight since she changed her diet, I think she even gained weight. Apart from the

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Let Your Body Be The Place of Comfort
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Apart from the breastmilk she takes some cheese in the morning, later a banana, at lunchtime I give her some fruits then later in the afternoon a little sandwich and fruits again for dinner. None of these in big quantity of course.

I think this is enough but nobody around me thinks the same and also they think I should not breastfeed any more but I want to continue at least another year if my daughter wants too.

What is your opinion?
Thank you in advance