What’s The Rush?


We are rushing babies out of their mothers’ bodies, oftentimes before they are ready.

We are rushing labor and delivery.

We are rushing the first nursing, whisking the baby away to the nursery.

We are rushing babies’ feedings, rushing them into feeding schedules.

We are rushing brand-new mothers out of their nightgowns, their beds, into their makeup, their “nice” clothes (if any fit), and back into their old routines and lives, as though nothing momentous and life-altering has happened.

We are rushing mothers back to work.

We are rushing mothers back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

We are rushing babies into sleep schedules that don’t fit their biological makeup, which is generally to wake during the night.

We are rushing babies into solid foods, pushing three square meals a day well before their tummies are ready to handle such large amounts.

We are rushing babies to wean.

We are rushing toddlers to wean.

We are rushing children to potty train.

We are rushing children to school.

We are rushing children to stop crying, freaking out, pushing limits – all normal childhood behaviors.

We are rushing mothers to “do it all,” and do it well: work, childcare, housework, etc.

We are rushing fathers to “do it all” and do it well: work, childcare, housework, etc.

We are rushing our days, trying to cram in as many activities for our children and ourselves as possible.

We are rushing our childrens’ childhoods.

We are rushing our motherhoods and fatherhoods.

Stop. Take a breath. Hold each other. Take your time.



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2 thoughts on “What’s The Rush?”

  • I’m a grandmother who nursed 2 babies till they were 3 and co-slept for longer than that. My daughters are caring, capable, independent women who are nursing 2-year-olds. Your post is so accurate. I’m just sad we are still fighting these same battles.

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  • So, so true. I co-sleep with my 15 month old and my 3 and a 1/2 year old and although it feels like I could sleep for a year(!), I never feel as at peace and connected to the world as when I am lying there with my boys, or breastfeeding my little one.
    This precious time does not last forever and I often find myself wondering – what’s the rush.
    Thank you for this post. It’s a great reminder.

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