This is exactly what is happening to me and my …

Comment on Feed The Baby: When Supplementing Saves Breastfeeding by Ilaria.

This is exactly what is happening to me and my second baby! I exclusively breastfed my first with not too much trouble apart from the fact he was constantly at the breast the first 2/3 months.
My second is now 2 months and was gaining very little weight although he was also very very often breastfeeding (but obviously not efficiently!). We just had to stay 2 nights in hospital because he got diarrhea and they wanted to monitor him to make sure he didn’t dehydrate. Although I had given him supplements of formula almost from his first week I was trying to give as little as possible to not “mess up my supply”. Obviously when in hospital they told me we would have to boost him with a lot more formula I broke down in tears thinking it was the end of that for us. I obviously pumped as much as I could while I was there and now that we’re back home and my baby is already looking more healthy and round I realize how important this supplementing can be. He actually seems to nurse more efficiently now because he’s not so tired ALL the time (exactly like you say in your article). I wish I had read this before (and listened to my mum) instead of all the articles saying to NEVER supplement a breastfed baby if you want it to work. In our case, it might actually work thanks to supplementing…!!!