I burst into tears as I was reading this, LO …

Comment on To the Mom of a Nursing Toddler by Allison Brinkhoff.

I burst into tears as I was reading this, LO is 23 months old. It is as if you have written every thought that has plagued my mind for the past few months, ill feel great and confident about it for days, even weeks at a time and then one night she’ll wake me up several times throughout the night to nurse and cries everytime I try to unlatch. Or the impossibility of having a late night out, we tried to have her stay the night at gmas for the first time about 2 months ago, she cried for mommy and daddy every two hours. I felt horrible and guilty and Im afraid I can never leave her! Or someone makes a backhanded comment to me about it. I have resorted to being a “closet nurser” around certain company. And the conflicting feelings! I love the deep bond we share and I am so afraid to let that go. I hope she still will like to cuddle just as much (maybe even more?) After we wean. Thank you again for easing this pain a little XOXO