Truly beautiful. :) I don’t know you at all but …

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Truly beautiful. 🙂 I don’t know you at all but I assume you are a breastfeeding advocate. And that is what makes this even more wonderful. I have 3 children and two of them would not nurse. And my first born was one of those 2. I was CRUSHED. Your words are healing and helpful. Thank you for sharing them.

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Crazy Commenters on Social Media (Or, What is Wrong With the World?)
I had a similar experience with a piece that was on the ole HuffPo about things I’ve learned in my 40 years. A lot of it was tongue in cheek but some were upset because the title on their site (I published it on my own blog first) said nothing about me being a mother and (GOD FORBID) 7 of the 31 things on the list had to with kids so apparently I was no authority on anything because NOT ALL WOMEN HAVE KIDS!!! (that was them yelling, not me) 😉

Anyway, all this to say that I get what you’re talking about, people will pick apart the most stupid stuff, mostly because of their own issues. And no, more than likely, they would not say the same to our faces but when they can just type… it’s fair game!!

I Just Really Need You to Stay
I have a boy like this too. Except he LOVES to cuddle. 🙂 He falls asleep next to me or my husband every night (as one of us is with him) and he is 8 now. I know all of these feelings VERY well…