This is great :-) we are still going strong after …

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This is great 🙂 we are still going strong after 2 years and am currently 27 weeks pregnant. I wouldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t for support particularly from my husband, mummy friends and my workplace. Hurray for boobs!

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And Now You Are Three
Beautiful. He looks like a calm, joyful soul 🙂

My Problem with Similac’s #endmommywars Campaign
Amen. My mothers group is such a mix of parenting styles and it’s great. We chat and complain and listen. If only it worked that way all the time. I know I can’t help but judge sometimes, especially when I feel actions aren’t respectful of the baby or child. We can only offer love and support sometimes.

The Time I Was Shamed For Breastfeeding In Public
I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience. I can’t believe people take offence to breastfeeding. So sad.

When You’re a Touched Out Mama
Thank you for writing about this! I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have a very nearly two year old daughter who is breastfeeding. Before falling pregnant I had horrible nursing aversion particularly when ovulating. It was so hard on all of us but helped establish some boundaries. The aversion has settled for the moment thankfully. But that overwhelm from motherhood is real. I have been trying to do a little something for myself each day and I’m finding learning something is helping. All the best!!

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Beautiful writing in “mama, open up your hand”. Thank you.