Breastfeeding Articles

This is a sampling of articles I’ve written about breastfeeding. More exist at various sites on the web or in print.


Breastfeeding Challenges (Early Weeks)
The First Week of Breastfeeding Better Breastfeeding: A Good Latch
Ask An Expert: Milk Supply and Knowing How Much is Enough
Ask An Expert: Pumping to Get Milk to Come In
Ask An Expert: Keep Calm and Latch On! (Non-latching baby)
Ask An Expert: Engorgement
Feed the Baby: When Supplementing Saves Breastfeeding
Is it Normal Not to Like Breastfeeding?
Laid Back Breastfeeding: Comfortable, Instinctual Nursing For Moms and Babies
Low Milk Supply: Myths, Causes, and Solutions

Breastfeeding and Fussy Babies
Screaming and Crying at the Breast
How To Get Through A Nursing Strike
Ask An Expert: Is My Baby Weaning? (four month fussies)

Introducing Solids
Solid Foods: Simple and Fun
Ask An Expert: When Baby is Not Interested in Solids
Starting Solids – the bittersweet

Breastfeeding and Cavities
Ben’s Beautiful Smile
Ask An Expert: Breastfeeding and Dental Cavities

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy
Ask An Expert: Milk Supply During Pregnancy
Ask An Expert: Nursing Aversion During Pregnancy

Breastfeeding (General)
Ask an Expert: Is Doing a Smoothie Cleanse Safe While Breastfeeding?
10 Breastfeeding Myths Debunked
25 Things This Lactation Consultant Wants Breastfeeding Moms to Know
To the Mom Who Didn’t Breastfeed

Sleep, Oh Dear Sweet Sleep (tips for coping with sleep deprivation)
When They Need You to Fall Asleep: Self-Soothing and Other Myths
Sleeping Through the Night, Redefined
It’s OK to Nurse to Sleep
Why I Still Lie With Him Until He Falls Asleep
I Just Really Need You To Stay

Extended Breastfeeding
My Nursing Toddler Doesn’t Sleep Through the Night.  Does Yours?
This is My Home: Nursing Past Toddlerhood
To Avoid Early Weaning, Keep Nursing Cozy
Weaning: Your Story. You Own It
Why I Nurse My Two-Year Old
Extended Breastfeeding
Stop Shaming Moms Who Choose To Breastfeed Their Babies Past A Certain Age
To the Mom of a Nursing Toddler
10 Myths About Breastfeeding Older Children
What It’s Like to Nurse a Child
Tips for Gently Weaning Your Toddler
Yes, I Still Breastfeed My 3-Year-Old

Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Your Breastfeeding Photo Policies Are Offensive
Telling Mothers the Truth About Breastfeeding
The Time I Was Shamed For Breastfeeding in Public
How I Became a Lactivist
Why I post pictures of my children breastfeeding
Opinion: Why We Need To Talk About Breastfeeding
7 Things You Might Not Know About Lactation Consultants
Let’s Stop Using the Term “Comfort Nursing”

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