Telling Mothers the Truth About Breastfeeding

(This was written in response to the recent New York Times article, which I don’t want to link to here. Google “overselling breastfeeding” if you haven’t read it and want to.) I have listened to mothers weep over how difficult breastfeeding is, or how much they […]

Toddler Nursing Is…

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I am lying in bed with my son while he naps. Last night I held him in my lap while he vomited onto a towel. Now, he sleeps deeply, chirping like a far-off sparrow. The days are long, and, often, the nights are longer. Sometimes […]

As Though You Will Never Not Be Mine

Dear Boys, The last of the maple leaves have fallen and the backyard is fire and ash.  Through the bony branches we can see the pond where the egrets lived.  In summer we huddled at the window, watching them swoop across the verdant branches, stopping for a […]