Breastfeeding Consultations


In-Person Visits. I see moms and babies in my Douglaston, NY office. I also make house calls to local moms (limited to Douglaston, Little Neck, and Great Neck). Consultations include a full health history of mom and baby, physical assessment of mom and baby, observation of one or several breastfeeding sessions, a weighted feed (if necessary), a written care plan, and follow-up by email/text/phone. Visits last about two hours, and follow-ups consultations are available. I will be in contact with you until you and your baby get it right.


Phone consultations. I provide phone consultations for mothers worldwide. Phone consultations work best for issues like fussy babies, nursing strikes, biting babies, starting solids, returning to work, pumping questions, and weaning questions. If you are a new mom with a complex issue (baby not gaining weight or nipple pain, for example), an in-person visit with a local IBCLC is best (click here to search for a local IBCLC).

Please call (917) 770-6614 or email me (WendyWisner78@gmail.com) for my fee schedule and to step up an appointment.

Most insurance companies will reimburse for my services, or will allow you to use your flexible spending account. I will provide you with a “superbill” to submit to your insurance company, as well as instructions for filing it.

I do not turn away mothers because of inability to pay. If you can show evidence of financial hardship (WIC check, Medicaid card, Unemployment letter), I will provide alternative payment options.



Here are some reasons why you might want to schedule a consultation:

  • Sore/cracked/bleeding nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Fussy baby/baby refusing the breast
  • Plugged ducts/mastitis
  • Concerns about milk supply
  • Concerns about baby’s weight gain
  • History of breast surgery
  • Breastfeeding twins
  • Weaning off of supplements/rebuilding milk supply
  • Adoptive nursing and relactation
  • Breastfeeding before and after tongue tie revision
  • Fussy/cranky/colicky baby
  • Returning to work/pumping questions
  • Milk supply decrease after weeks or months of a full milk supply
  • Starting solids
  • Biting baby
  • Baby suddenly refusing the breast after weeks or months of peaceful nursing
  • Toddler nursing questions
  • Weaning



“Wendy’s calm, supportive, and patient approach helped me relax during my most difficult moments of struggling with breastfeeding. She gained an immediate grasp of my unique situation and catered her knowledge and expertise to guide me to a place of confidence, skill, and ease with feeding my son. Wendy was always available and attentive when I needed support and provided useful suggestions for techniques and comfort measures.” ~ Yael, mother to Ori

“Wendy’s professional advice, coupled with her own personal experience, gave me lots of confidence in uncharted territory. She was extremely helpful as I first learned to nurse my son, and later diversify his diet, and then as any small emergencies arose over the many months. She was very supportive and encouraging, which is so reassuring when your baby is not taking to nursing right away, like mine.” ~ Jackie, mother to Dante

“Wendy put me at ease. She listened carefully as I told her what I was suffering with (improper latch, bruised nipples, mastitis, shaken confidence), and clearly explained the steps I needed to take to resolve my nursing challenges. Wendy treated me with respect, patience, and understanding. This kindness, combined with her expert advice, gave me the tools I needed to heal my body, restore my confidence, and carry on. My baby, my husband, and I are so grateful for her help!” ~ Laura, mother to Graydon and Charlotte

“Despite a great deal of preparation, my little one and I had a difficult start to breastfeeding and Wendy saved us! I was painfully engorged and couldn’t get my frantically hungry baby to latch properly. Upon observing us, Wendy was able to provide guidance and assist in physical positioning that had my little one guzzling milk in moments. Her continued support and excellent advice following that day kept us on track–thanks to her generous, patient feedback, my baby and I continue to enjoy a beautiful nursing relationship. Wendy was incredibly gentle, able, informative, and loving–we will always be grateful to her! ”  ~ Heather, mother to Quinton

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