About Wendy

About Wendy

I’ve been writing since I was a small child. I love what I do, and I work diligently, quickly, and meticulously. I know how to connect with readers; tell a good story; dissect research and make it user-friendly; and create lively, engaging content.

I’ve published hundreds of articles and essays in places like The Washington Post, VICE, Disney’s Babble, Family Circle, Parenting Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, Verywell Family, Mom.me, Scary Mommy, Rewire.com, Your Teen Magazine, and Brain, Child Magazine. I’ve provided content for companies like Care.com, Mama Natural, Kindred Bravely, Motherlove Herbal, Talkspace, and Public Goods, and I currently copy edit and manage social media for Scary Mommy.

My first love is poetry. My poems have appeared widely in literary magazines, and I am the author of two books of poems. I have an MFA in Poetry from Hunter College, where I taught writing and literature for four years.

In addition, I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Lactation Educator/Counselor, and retired La Leche League leader. My writing specialties are inspired by that background, and include maternal/child health, parenting, mental health, general health, and education.

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