“Comfort Nursing” Counts Too

“Comfort Nursing” Counts Too

Nursing is nursing, whether your baby is drowning in milk, or just lightly sucking. It’s nursing, whether your child does it because he wants a meal, an appetizer, a snack, or dessert. It’s nursing, whether your child is hungry, starving, thirsty, tired, or just wants […]

And Now You Are Three

Dear Peter, It was a beautiful September morning just like this one when you were born in our bedroom in the tiny one-bedroom apartment. I knew I would love you as soon as I saw you, but my pregnancy was full of worry. Unemployment, food stamps, […]

Right Now

Right now my two-year-old has a cough and a cold. Right now he can’t sleep alone so he calls me in. Right now I am tired and my muscles ache. Right now my face is buried in the top of his head, his fine hair […]

To The Mom Who Didn’t Breastfeed

Maybe your baby never latched. Maybe it hurt so damn much and nothing made it better. Maybe you were given bad advice in the hospital, or by your pediatrician, your obstetrician, your midwife, your mother, your friend. Maybe you just didn’t want to breastfeed. Maybe […]