I’ve published hundreds of articles both online and in print. My poems and essays have appeared in many literary publications, and I’m the author of two books of poems and a chapbook.

Below, you’ll find selections of my articles, and links to contributor profiles at sites I have contributed to extensively.

Women’s Health

Nearly One in Five Teen Births Are Repeat Births—But a Program in This State Is Trying to Change That, Rewire.com

Why I post pictures of my children breastfeeding, The Washington Post

5 Amazing Things You Should Know About Colostrum, Fit Pregnancy

Newly Discovered Sugars In Breast Milk May Protect Babies Against Group B Strep, Scary Mommy

Diastasis Recti Is The Condition Affecting Almost All Moms, Scary Mommy

Mental Health

What Is “Quiet” Borderline Personality Disorder? Talkspace

My Panic Attacks Involve Completely Detaching from Reality, VICE

Emotional Sensitivity is an Actual Condition, VICE

Why Didn’t Anyone Warn Me About Stay-at-Home Mom Depression? Mom.me

Childhood Moral OCD: The Troubling Disorder That Is So Easily Missed, Scary Mommy

General Health

Change Your Diet, Save Your Life, Family Circle

Is Protein Powder For Teens Ever Safe?, Your Teen

Heat Stroke Can Be Deadly. Here’s How To Recognize The Signs And Treat It, Scary Mommy

This Is What It’s Like To Live With Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Scary Mommy

This Doctor Is On The Path To Curing Severe Food Allergies, Thanks To A Cutting-Edge Therapy, Babble


Teaching my preschooler (and myself) that it’s okay to be different, The Washington Post

Reconnecting with my tween son, The Washington Post

To My Son, Turning 8, Brain, Child Magazine

This Is What Parenting With Anxiety Is Like, Scary Mommy

Lying Down With Your Kids Until They Go To Sleep Is Not A Bad Habit, Scary Mommy

Personal Finance

We Paid Off $6,000 In Credit Card Debt In Just 9 Months And It Was Easier Than You’d Think, Babble

5 Game-Changing Budgeting Apps That Will Help You Climb Out Of Debt, Babble

Our Year On Food Stamps, Elle

What I Would Tell Any New Parent Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Babble

Looking To Earn Some Cash? Selling MLM Sh*t Isn’t Your Only Option, Scary Mommy


What I want you to know about my gifted son, The Washington Post

A Parent’s Guide To College Mental Health, Talkspace

More And More Schools Are Ditching Homework — And It Looks Like It’s Working, Babble

Why This Teacher’s Homework Policy Is So Amazing, Scary Mommy

Self-Regulation: The Most Important Skill Your Child Should Master Before Kindergarten, care.com

Trending and Lifestyle News

This incredible 9-year-old sews comfort dolls for kids going through surgery, ABC News

Sweet rescue dog brings comfort and companionship to boy battling brain cancer, ABC News

Ludacris Picked Up This Woman’s $375 Grocery Bill At The Exact Moment She Needed It Most, Babble

NICU Nurse Stunned To Learn She’s Working Alongside One Of Her Patients, 28 Years Later, Babble

#Celebrating_My_Postpartum Is The Body Positive Inspiration We Need, Scary Mommy

Regular Contributor Profiles

Scary Mommy
I am an Associate Editor and writer for Scary Mommy.
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Verywell Family
I am a regular contributor to Verywell Family.
Click here for a full list of my Verywell Family articles.

I am a regular contributor to Talkspace.com’s blog.
Click here for a full list of my Talkspace articles.

For 3 years, I was a regular trending news writer for Disney’s Babble.
Click here for a full list of my Babble articles.

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