This is a small, selected list of essays I’ve published from around the web. Click here for my online portfolio; here for a sampling of my breastfeeding articles; and here to a link to my (now defunct) blog.


Click here for a full list of my Babble articles
Here are some favorites:
Does My Early Miscarriage Count, Too?
To the Woman Who Told Me to Hit My Son

Brain, Child Magazine
To My Son, Turning 8
Why I Don’t Sleep Train My Kids
Marked for Life

Daily Worth
Our Year on Food Stamps

Full Grown People

Huffington Post
Click here for my HuffPost profile and article list

Click here for a full list of my Kveller articles
Here are some favorites:
Why My ‘Gifted’ Child Will Not Be Attending a Gifted Program
Co-Sleeping Doesn’t Have to Wreck Your Sex Life

Literary Mama
After Page One: Finding Time

In Winter
Why I’m Waiting to Cut my Son’s Hair

Natural Child Magazine
Small Space Living

Role Reboot
At 37, I’ve Finally Made Peace With My Body
It’s Mother’s Day, and I’m Pissed
What I Hope For My Children Now That Same-Sex Marriage is Legal

Scary Mommy
Click here for a full list of my Scary Mommy articles.
Here are some of my favorites:
On the Dark Days of Motherhood
The Hardest Thing About Being a New Mom
What Breaks My Heart Most About Not Having a Daughter
I Was Scared to Have a Second Child
5 Ways To Make Parenting a Strong-Willed Child Easier
Screw You, Anxiety

The Washington Post
Reconnecting with my tween son
Teaching My Preschooler (And Myself) That It’s Okay To Be Different
What I Want You To Know About My Gifted Son

Emotional Sensitivity Is An Actual Condition
Meditation Made Me Poop Less

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