Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Wendy, writer and lactation consultant.

You may have seen my articles on Scary Mommy, where I am a staff writer, social media manager, and copy editor. My essays have appeared on/in The Washington Post, VICE, Babble, Family Circle, Parenting Magazine, Mom.me, TalkspaceBrain, Child Magazine, and elsewhere. I am the author of two books of poems, and I have an MFA in Poetry from Hunter College.

For 8 years, I worked with thousands of breastfeeding moms as a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and La Leche League leader. I have since closed my practice, but I am enjoying working as a writer who covers breastfeeding, women’s health, the postpartum period, and motherhood. Other topics I frequently cover include mental health, children’s health, general health, nutrition, poverty, and education.

Contact: WendyWisner78@gmail.com

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