Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Wendy, writer and lactation consultant.

I am a staff writer and social media manager for Scary Mommy, and my essays have also appeared on The Washington Post, VICE, Babble, Family Circle, Parenting Magazine, Mom.me, TalkspaceBrain, Child Magazine, and elsewhere. I’ve written two books of poems, and I have an MFA in Poetry from Hunter College, where I taught writing and literature for four years.

For 8 years, I worked with thousands of breastfeeding moms as board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and La Leche League leader. I have since closed my practice, but I am enjoying being a writer who covers breastfeeding, women’s health, the postpartum period, and motherhood. Other topics I frequently cover include mental health, children’s health, general health, nutrition, poverty, and education.

My other interests include dark chocolate, yoga, walking, and jogging. I spend way too much time on Facebook, so connect with me there.

Contact: WendyWisner78@gmail.com

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