At the “taking care of a newborn” class we took …

Comment on Feed The Baby: When Supplementing Saves Breastfeeding by ataraxy.

At the “taking care of a newborn” class we took in the spring of 2013, I asked the two nurses leading the class about this because I’d just read some studies that showed supplementing like this could help moms breastfeed longer. They both said No! That’s not true! etc. and reiterated the either-or argument. I was really saddened, and I was completely open to supplementing, knowing the facts. Those nurses were supposed to be lactation consultants!

I had an unplanned csection and after the first two days we were about to supplement, then my son and I figured out the breastfeeding and he started to gain weight. But I was not opposed to formula and knew if I needed it I would use it.

I wish more new moms had the confidence to do what is right for their babies without feeling like they need to be 100% anything – you can be a good mom without being adamant about any one practice. Two mom friends whose kids are both about the same age as mine were practically apologetic to me about supplementing with formula, and all I could say was “don’t explain anything to me! You’re keeping your kid healthy!”