This is beautiful! Thanks! I always feel so …

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This is beautiful! Thanks! I always feel so validated when I read your blog. Taking a preemie home was hard, but working on all that breast feeding in the hospital I think (even though I have just enough or a little low on milk supply) is what finally got me and baby sleep. Co-sleeping he would just start looking for that breast, still half asleep, and nurse right back to sleep. I was finally laying down too. Thanks for this blog!

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What Breaks My Heart About the Boy Who Had Surgery to Fix His Ears
Favorite part: “When a child is bullied, the victim is not the one who needs to be “fixed.””
Amen! What bothers me is that bullying is so common in the first place. What are we teaching our kids? Respect for all living things has to be taught early….great post. Thanks.

And Now You Are Three
Just Beautiful.

Nursing In The Dark
I don’t know but this made me tear up. I have a preemie that is almost 5 months old, but only about 2 months old corrected gestation. We’ve worked SO hard for breastmilk, but my supply has never been overly abundant. Who knows why…HELLP syndrome, a preemie, the stress of a micro-preemie in a NICU for 3 months?
The only time we get peaceful nursing is overnight. He doesn’t need a bottle to supplement at night…he looks for the breast…I help him find it…and he calmly nurses until he falls back asleep. So beautiful to see someone else in the dark.